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afraid it will be thoroughly finished ah.
Cao single face volatile, so he naturally did not want to be thrust back empty-handed, you can if robbed,Tiffany Outlet, then the other two fight strong respect, they will not fear them …
mind pondered a moment, the sun suddenly single Cao Xiao Yan who sweep the sweep, said: ‘? It is said that you are a pharmacist refining’ ‘refining drugs will be some patients …’ Xiao Yan casually, it seems that this guy really does not want to so give up on.
‘that can dare to make a bet with me? If I lose, then this marriage, I Cao can not, but if I win, you have regardless of this, how?’ Cao Shan eyes passing hint of sneer ,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, said. ‘? Oh,’ Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, seems some interest,Tiffany Outlet, smiling, said: ‘? That I do not know how to bet Cao single master wanted’ Xiao Yan
see little interest in a single mind could not help but sneer Cao rapid expansion, if they have to be grappling with a grudge,He may not be the Xiao Yan opponent,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but if surgery Competition mixing drugs, ‘he will get in front of Xiao Yan know that this will be an expert, disgrace.
mind passing sarcastic, but Yung Yun Cao single brilliant touches somewhat on the face: ‘If you and I are refining pharmacist, natural yokel is so not like Causing loss of lives, according to the rules for refining pharmacists.’ ratio playing with fire. ‘
voice a fall, a group of black flame light, suddenly rising from self Cao single palm, immediately rapid motility in their palm,Tiffany Outlet, into two black snake, constantly shuttling back and forth between his fingers,Tiffany And Co Outlet, like a wizard-like behaved. . ‘
‘Mr. Xiao Yan, do not accept his proposal, Cao has unusually high single gift in the flame control, even within Cao, can exceed him, is also one!’ Cao heard a single remark, ‘leaf weight quickly said.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan

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