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‘that road heijia figure alsoIs angry growled ‘ax in the hands of those mountains, and shoved as general whirl windmill move, terrible winds is putting his head in front of Xiao Yan split the past.
‘, clang clang clang ”
ax front of Xiao Yan pixia ‘a glowing golden flame spear ‘is self Xiao Yan suddenly behind Pushe’ heavy as mountains like these give all took the ax.
‘bang,Tiffany Outlet! ‘
stopped when Kaoru children heijia figure, Xiao Yan is hehe smile ‘palm grip,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, heavy foot emerge unceremoniously boom is severely over heijia figure chest,Tiffany & Co Outlet, fury Effort, is directly That figure will heijia like shells in general bombers flying out, although this guy called Jiuxing energy body, but obviously not Xiao Yan and Kaoru children opponents ‘and their wisdom that the only’ also can not let them get to keep up with Shaw This fight inflammation experienced rhythm.
‘Roar!’ ‘
heijia energy body angry roar ‘boundless energy from the body out of the storm surge’ will be around ten feet of those huge boulders into pieces of life and life of the earthquake,Tiffany Outlet, he immediately mountains shake again marching pace, facing Xiao Yan two rush away.
‘quick! ‘
looked violent conflict comes heijia figure ‘Xiao Yan soon light drinking, stature fast if lightning out,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, turned out to be a direct hit hard with that big guy up.
‘,Tiffany & Co Outlet, ax the world! ”
heijia shadow body ‘vast energy poured forth a steady stream of violence ‘in the hands of its huge mountains ax’ is at the moment suddenly expanded several times between ‘immediately ax exalted’ around in this space exhaustively Yisha crack!
‘, Xiao Yan brother,’ Be careful! ”
heijia see this figure so powerful blow, Kaoru children face slightly changed, ‘hastily warned.
‘, to deity to die! ‘
heijia figure Nusheng roaring ‘ax with a surge of heavy winds daunting ‘bitter

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