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then,Tiffany Outlet, shortly after, they is able to occupy the whole valley, and finally climb out along the mountain, such as ignoring the green snake-like spread go.
desolate valley, quietly passing the time,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, but in a day, the monotony of the valley and finally that there is a hint of movement different from the past, I saw it was a huge energy slowly rotating vortex in the sky, gradually stopped suddenly,Tiffany & Co Outlet, soon pounds Bo-like energy such as heavy rain pouring down,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and finally into two, such as flash floods like the huge energy Pilian, two Pilian, straight into a cave that was buried in the weeds, is another one. But it is straight down into the top of the weeds that obscured the light cocoon.
two road wide enough to have energy Pilian Zhang Xu, pierced the air,Tiffany Outlet, even the air is sharp tearing sound came from this enough Qiaochu contains two road Pilian in how huge energy, and in so huge energy tilt, the valley of those weeds suddenly visible speed withered down, just a few breathing, give all that is yellow, and the valley that huge purple light cocoon and cave filled with gravel, but also slowly appear.
two huge energy Pilian, a cocoon into the light,Tiffany And Co Outlet, entering a cave, and soon is no longer the slightest movement.
on energy vortex air, has been completely dissipated, volatility of world energy valley, is gradually returned to normal, to see such a situation, it seems that both require very large energy guy, has reached a saturation point in general.
valley of light cocoon, in the absorption of huge energy Pilian that road, the color becomes increasingly deep, light cocoon surface, even the gradual emergence of a mysterious little different runes, these runes slightly exudes miniature, see up quite magical.
valley in the emergence of this and other misfortune after they have no other movement,

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