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is bit startled, though had heard some news, but when you want to hear it, see Xiao Yan refining eight items immortality, some could not help but shake This quality of immortality, even look at the entire northwest continent, can be refined, I am afraid are rare.
voice down, Xiao Yan also in direct cross-legged sitting stone platform, waved palm,Tiffany & Co Outlet, drug tripod is suspended in front of the sky,Tiffany And Co Outlet, palms touch, Zhu Zhu filled with extremely powerful energy medicine is hovering in the whole body.
‘Oh, come late step, almost necessary to see the chief alchemy’
ready hands when Xiao Yan, suddenly there came a laugh, immediately led two old figure lasts tens figure, brisk walking from the square outside, and that the moment a Huiyi old man, first directed at high-profile Xiao Yan on the arch of the hand, and then laughed.
Xiao Yan eyes staring at the pedestrian, and then look at them slowly swept, after a moment, but it was a smile.
‘Now come, it will first sit down ……’
hear Xiao Yan was too dull without the slightest sound of waves, Liu Chang and his eyes slightly Wuzhen jump jump,Tiffany Outlet, this feeling, this looks like a very young chief, does not seem to be as they think is so good deal .
They looked at each other, vaguely uneasy feeling among some,Tiffany Outlet, ‘but is being pressed down immediately, but two of them truly advanced refining pharmacists seven items, look to the northwest mainland, are quite exam’ if lost them, even if it forces such as inflammation of the AU, must also be extremely heartache.
Xiao Yan looked at these people, that is, looking back, flexor of a bomb, purple,Tiffany Outlet Store, brown is the roaring flames burst into the drug within the tripod, followed Xiupao wave that circled the whole body nearly hundreds of herbs,Tiffany & Co Outlet, is in a Road screams, rushed into the internal medicine successive

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