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Hsiao my sake ‘this adult ceremony, will have your shadow ” Kaoru children Liumeiweicu, said: ‘According to the rules, those who participate in the rite of the tribe, you can let people learn to pick a test, this aboveboard chance some guy, probably not easily give up. ‘
‘Of course,Tiffany And Co Outlet, now the strength of Xiao Yan brother, even ancient tribe look younger generation, you are also able to winMuch ‘but four people, I’m afraid not listed here …… ”
‘four all systems,Tiffany And Co Outlet?’ Xiao Yan softly.
‘…… ah,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the strength of which four are in respect of eight stars above, and also known as very likely to become the king of the existence of black submerged’ Kaoru child’s cheek is slightly thickened, said: ‘This four Among the most likely shot for you, and that is known as the Shura all systems of ancient demon …… ‘
‘Shura all systems, ancient demon’ Xiao Yan slowly muttered a cry, immediately said: ‘? Just who is he should be it.’
‘ah ” Kaoru nodded children, between the heart is somewhat surprised ‘Xiao Yan did not think it really is aware of the car monster breath.
‘ancient demon extraordinary talent, fighting Emperor blood have also very strong, the vast majority of people in the family, all I want to be together with him, but six months ago, he had the initiative to bring to the House of Elders’ but I was refused, and the reason is that Xiao Yan brother ‘, Kaoru children smile soon,Tiffany Outlet, said: ‘According to his temper, certainly in the adult ceremony tomorrow you shot, he knew, if he was on this occasion beat you,Tiffany & Co Outlet, those who remain neutral in the race, but also will tend to him. ”
Xiao Yan nodded, hands reach for the cup among the ripples quietly thrown some promise, he is also clear that for him, it will be a rare opportunity,Tiffany Outlet Store, he fails, ancient tribe being afraid He is not someone

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