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Chen Sheng said: ‘worthy is Siddhanta, even this ranking has a different fire, but as Xiao Yan said, so rare and different fire, even from their hands away from him , fear is the cause of their hostility, indeed,Coach Outlet Store Online, although three thousand rare and Yan Yan fire, but in order that it would offend Danta, not what wise,Coach Outlet, after all Danta on the mainland have the energy, you can not really small, even if you are a teacher, although at that time did not allow for the invitation to join Danta, can also quite afraid of them …. ‘
hear Sue thousand words, Xiao Yan smile on the face is slightly astringent, for those so-called Vedanta, his knowledge is not deep,Coach Factory Outlet, but he also knew that brings together the whole continent most top, and was all depends on refining pharmacists for the hearts of holy places, certainly not anything unusual forces,Coach Outlet Store, with their enemy, but rather unwise thing.
‘Oh, this is Xiao brother can rest assured, if you can fire three thousand Yan Yan in the bag, it was only your skill, Danta and you certainly will not have grudges.’ saw Xiao Yan appearance, Hin Blue smiled, light laugh:. ‘Because that three thousand Yan Yan fire, only to be found in Danta, they also have not been rein’
‘In fact, if you really want to count, Danta found that three thousand Yan Yan fire, have a lot of time in this period Danta strong hold of also trying to rein in the natural, but in the end it is futile, but in the three thousand Yan Yan appear under fire resisted no small loss,Coach Outlet Online, therefore,Coach Outlet Store Online, can only display the seal Danta, Yan Yan will fire three thousand temporary seals live, of course, this seal will naturally not remain permanently, Bijing thousand Yan Yan Fire is not a fool. ‘Hin Blue threw your hands up, a little bit of schadenfreude Road.
Mang Yan slowly sat back, looked at the basket Yan, motioned

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