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times more powerful than in the past,Coach Outlet Store Online, but I have a feeling that if it again , I am afraid will not end up much better than last time. ‘
‘monument in indeed contains an extremely powerful force of the soul, and the soul of the force, and it also contains a strange coercion, not bad if I expected it,Coach Outlet Store, the demon who lives in the soul of St. attainments practice on, I am afraid reached a considerable level of terror. ‘Xiao Yan nodded,Coach Outlet Online, softly.
‘can be half a foot into the bucket Emperor levels of people, not at what a simple person.’ demon eyes open smile a cry, immediately said: ‘?? how about Xiao Yan brother may have certainty.’
‘did not grasp, but would like to try.’
Xiao Yan eyes staring at the monument, but it is shook his head and said, although the gap between him and their lives are like demon holy day stream,Coach Outlet, but after all this monument among just a remnant of his soul,Coach Outlet, I really want to touch up , the outcome is pretty unpredictable.
‘. That being the case, it would be thanks to Xiao Yan brothers’ heard, but also micro hi demon close the eyes, said: ‘If found wrong place, he quit as soon as possible.’
Xiao Yan gently nodded, physique a move, it is now out of the stone in front of a pier, sailed to sit cross-legged,Coach Outlet Online, his eyebrows in the soul, is ready to make up.
‘During this time, people do not bother me ……’
Xiao Yan said something softly, suddenly the body slightly shocked, and soon a somewhat illusory figure, is being taken from their eyebrows, and finally suspended before the stone. Xiao Yan looked
condensed into the soul and the body is actually the same as the human form, that is secretly a demon close the eyes like a cry, the soul of this stuff, too vague, and now the continent is almost vindictive rampage, rarely will be too strong excessive focus

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