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and in these people,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan finally saw an acquaintance Cao single.
single moment Cao is also followed closely behind Cao Ying, downcast eyes occasionally glanced seductive shadows in front of that road, the eyes have some promise was hidden deep erotic feelings.
Xiao Yan’s eyes, with minor to stay in single Cao, is transferred to the other side of his body a little bit burly man who, who face awe, quite thick eyebrows, giving a very severe The feeling that he was the only one standing behind Cao Ying, still did not feel the slightest pressure Cao men.
‘Surely this man, is that Xiu it.’
Xiao Yan slowly look back, the three men, be representative of the younger generation of Cao’s top power, of course, that Cao Ying, I am afraid even some of the old guys Cao are only eclipsed in front of her, This and other Vamp, it is non-human can match.
led Cao Cao Ying in the main hall of attention under the eyes of many, the TV drama Cao row seats to go home at the time of passing Dan seat,Coach Outlet Online, former pace finally go around to cook,Coach Outlet Store, tilted his head, staring Meimou that were weak girl, smiled and said: ‘Dan Chen sister, long time no see,Cheap Coach Purses, ah.’
for Cao Ying hello, that name is called Dan morning girl, also gently nodded his chin and did not say too much.
‘You did not think this is also unfinished, presumably because Dan would come of it? giggle, Dan home too under the original capital of some, is it like to be the champion Dan into her arms?’ Cao Ying Cover tick chuckle.
Lengao under Cao Ying and other qualities that Dan morning’d like a little girl-like, without any bickering with her sharp.
‘Miss Cao Ying actually joking,Coach Outlet, this session will champion Dan, I am afraid none other than non-network,Coach Outlet Store, other people, but not that other qualifications …’ In the morning before Dan Dan Xuan,

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