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heard, Tang Zhen also hesitated, if profound and looked at Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Online, laughing: ‘As long as I do not pass the secret 焚炎 some Valley, the other, was among them, do not know the little owl rock Friends ? What kind of fancy ‘Xiao Yan heart jump jump and looked Tang Zhen,Coach Outlet Store Online, slowly:’ Skyfire Sanxuan change … ‘1200th XII fight
‘Skyfire Sanxuan change?’
Xiao Yan hear the remark, Tang Zhen and his side are all that red woman hesitated, immediately brow slightly furrowed, but one day the fire Sanxuan become fed 焚炎 Valley Valley treasure, though this secret method for Some people might be scrap wood arcane, but for some strange body has a flame of people, but it is comparable to the weapon! Skyfire Sanxuan changed, hidden within the human body can hold a flame to operate in a special way, finally In short burst of strong strength, every change is capable of one kind of flame erupted, three variations superimposed, that the increase of strength, but rather terror,Coach Factory Outlet, of course, the fire broke out as the violent energy of cranial,Coach Outlet Store, if the body outbreak were not strong enough to force it, it will only have the energy to make the bite & quot; So, for this day fire Sanxuan change, even Fenyan Valley is preserved inside extremely strict, only the real core disciples just to be able to practice Skyfire Sanxuan The first change change, as for the rest of the two variants, it is the need to look at their contribution to the sects and their talent, so you really want to figure it out, the whole valley 焚炎, practice the full version of Skyfire Sanxuan changed man, I’m afraid is one of the few, and since even the disciples of the valley, are difficult to practice range,Coach Outlet Online, which also can be seen,Coach Outlet, for this day Fenyan Valley fire Sanxuan see how important it becomes.
Xiao Yan eyes tightly kept

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