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‘ Today, Xiao Yan
cast by these fingerprints, although slow, but has no sense of the kind of jerky day,Coach Outlet, and accompanied by changes in their fingerprints, their eyebrows at the soul force do not have control, is automatically filled out , immediately filled along special tracks on printed statement. changes
fingerprints, lasted approximately ten minutes, just slowly pause, and Xiao Yan eyes,Coach Bags On Sale, also opened slowly, gently down the throat Zhuoqi spit out. ‘
aggregate in vitro, Xiao Yan is slowly got up, his hands behind him lost, then turned, dark eyes staring at the empty courtyard in Boone, faint:. ‘? Now come,Coach Factory Outlet, why hide hide Ji ” indeed the drug dust that old guy’s disciple, perceived very well. ”
Xiao Yan sound down,Coach Factory Outlet, then suddenly came at a slight fluctuation swallow air, and soon a body wrapped in black robes among the shadows, slowly twist since emerged out of office space. ‘
Xiao Yan eyes firmly fixed on that uninvited guests from the other side of him,Coach Outlet Store Online, he felt a little familiar taste. ‘Temple of the soul man?’ Xiao Yan tone ice,Coach Outlet, awe-inspiring.
‘Oh, I heard that old guy dust medicine bone cold fire spirit in your body, so I want to borrow it.’ The man in black shadow laughed softly, and with the sound down, a surge of deep blue flame suddenly sailed from which the body rising up. ‘Xiao Yan’s eyes, when looking at the kind of deep blue flame, eye pupil suddenly tightening. Hoi Yan?
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deep mysterious blue flame looks very different, as the flames leapt up between the clear waters slowly spread open like faint

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