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to have entered the Danta elders seats, but now it should be ruled out.’ Xiao Yan Road.
‘Oh?’ Wen Yan, Liu Qing slightly moved, I can enter Danta Presbyterian family, can not unusual forces, even now been ruled out, its strength, but also certainly not the Liu family and other families that can match.
‘In this case, the search range of many small touches, ah,Coach Outlet, this matter is also to me, and so when you come back, I will settle this matter.’ Liu Qing thought for a moment. Laughed.
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, so, it touches on eliminating him as headless flies like a wild guesses.
told these things properly, Xiao Yan again and the two chatted for a while, when you get to be on the other end of the fire sky issued a sharp red giant bird song, he just against Liu Qing, Yan Lin hold the Baoquan, toes a little ground,coach purses outlet, stature swept the sky.
saw Xiao Yan leave, Yan Lin quickly: be careful. ‘
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded at him, immediately physique of a move, fall firmly on top of that giant bird.
‘Oh,Coach Outlet Store Online, rock owl little friends ready?’ Xiao Yan met up, red fire elders quickly laughed.
Xiao Yan smiled, red fire directed at Presbyterian arch of the hand. And said: ‘Please lead the way red fire predecessors.’
smiled and waved red fire elders, said soon after polite,Coach Outlet Online, Xiupao wave, at the foot of the giant bird suddenly emits a loud sharp chirp, giant wing vibration. With a wave of hot wind, beneath a road envious eyes. Quickly skimming away toward the northern horizon.
XiaoYan stand on top of a giant bird, lost his hands behind him, eyes look to the distant north, could not help but chuckle, for 焚炎 Valley Kowloon Lei Gang fire,Coach Outlet, heIs quite curious,Coach Outlet Online, I do not know with their glass lotus fire compared to these two, what the weak strong?
addition, Skyfire Sanxuan change if the full

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