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a long journey of nearly four months’ crossing over the vast expanse of sky tomb’ and looked at it appears in the When the line of sight at the end of a power light wall ‘is also somewhat stunned and then could not resist.
‘This is the second layer.?’
looked as if pouring down from the sky at the end of the energy of light wall,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan slightly surprised Road. Today
Xiao Yan, covered filled with a dusty smell ‘a variable-length black hair again some, the face seems to lean a little ‘but dark eyes in the’ Shuoshuo Jingmang is shining.
Since entering the depths of the first layer after ‘he smoked every day children are almost always some strength to face the powerful energy body attack,Coach Bags On Sale, these attacks, with the vast majority, are shot by Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, because ever since seeing Kaoru After you reach a strength among children six stars statue strength gestures energy body destroyed, Xiao Yan is prohibited only silent and then shot her, obviously ‘smoked child’s strength, which she did for the first layer is not much threatening, but not threatening,Coach Outlet, the practice is no much effect,Coach Outlet Store Online, but Xiao Yan is different ‘respect for his own strength just five stars, if not display their fighting skills words’ with these six stars to reach the strength of the energy body fight ‘just to get to the no small effect ‘
course,Coach Outlet Store Online, this is just a temporary ‘accompanied by a number of grips increases, Xiao Yan for the energy body also become familiar with them, so the grips of time’ is from the beginning of dozens of rounds’ now reduced to ten rounds within the ‘even’ some slightly weaker six star energy body, Xiao Yan is able to resolve it within three rounds.
‘Xiao Yan brother, ‘You are now at the peak of the five-star, always will exceed six stars, I suggest breaking the re-entryThe second layer

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