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that they want their Kui responsibility ‘that … the great elders want?’
‘If Medusa is indeed pregnant,Coach Factory Outlet, then you are. It is the child’s father, so let him do something for you, you are duty-bound to do.’ Elder smiling big way, and regardless of her words because his face suddenly flushed up Medusa.
‘this relationship …’ Xiao Yan wiped the perspiration from his forehead, turned out to be a time I do not know what to say, according to the great elders said, if this is really true,Coach Outlet Store, that Medusa belly child will certainly have a point he blood, indeed,Coach Outlet Store Online, be regarded as his own children, I do something for his son, right and proper. After
‘that Grand Ayatollah mean?’ moment, Xiao Yan had just asked cautiously.
‘Medusa between you and the things that we do not intervene in these old guys, but this child,Coach Outlet, but you must be cored, cough a whirl Terran the aftermath of the disaster, the Mao family also lost a lot, So this time, that arcane Third, it is only to get the lowest first-class. ‘Here it comes, the great elders quite cunning directed Xiao Yan smiled,’ but to Xiao Yan, chief of the status of power, and should do not want their blood, get the worst treatment,Coach Outlet Online, right? ‘
hear this Tan – Xiao Yan suddenly just turned out that the old guy trying to blackmail since Torr Hill ‘Since Xiao Yan chief has to understand, that I do not nonsense, it is said that you are a six refining pharmacist?’ Look Xiao Yan look, big elders suddenly asked, laughing,Coach Factory Outlet, when it comes to six refining pharmacist, their eyes got a little hot up.
‘ah.’ Xiao Yan eyes glanced to the side of a Medusa, nodded, apparently she should tell these great elders of it.
‘That being the case, it does not know whether to ask the chief Xiao Yan to help us this coming Medusa blood, immortality refining 一枚 moderate arcane needed

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