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‘hundred thousand old old,Coach Factory Outlet, and quickly recover, ah, can not let the -! That old guy escape’ Su thousand anxious, the only facing one hundred thousand old old urgent voice urged.
‘Oh, do not hurry, be assured that this old devil can not escape.’ one thousand old smiled, immediately look (8 to Broadway, said: ‘This shot it from you …’
‘still the same old blood lodged in space, & quot;’ Broadway nodded, hoarse voice reveals a hint of sarcasm, slowly said: ‘Over the years, the levels were still seven fighting today for me to understand it Some previous scores now & quot; ‘
voice down,Coach Outlet Online, gently moving Broadway stature, is like a teleport-like, silently appeared at a few hundred meters away,Coach Factory Outlet, so a few flashes, is lost in the Hsiao go far field of vision.
looking at the speed of one hundred old terror,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan could not help but wiped the cold sweat, muttered workers ‘This is the fight strong respect for the speed it?’ After the old couple that previously had witnessed thousands of amazing tools, ‘Xiao Yan naturally and let them look into the bucket will order another statue strong.
‘fight high respect you’d see our two old guys, just know how to cast some force shallow space fills with respect compared to the real fight, or worse a lot of distance, & quot;?’ hear Shaw Yan whisper,Coach Outlet Online, one thousand old man could not help but short laugh.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan suddenly surprised, scared Is the Road,Coach Outlet Store Online, ‘This can not be called the Big Dipper are strong respect?’
‘I counted at most, nine hundred and old stars were the strength of it, though from the bucket with respect only difference between a star, but it is across the line, the number of people I spent two years of the force, still notGong breakthrough & quot;. That may not, in this life are the hopeless breakthrough.

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