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immediately look Xiao Yan, she’d like to see, which is now, how is his grandstanding and end? ‘Next, is the product of seven intermediate examination, which will personally shot by me,cheap jordans, come with me o Ba r’ ‘ Lee Han
some helpless eyes always looked indifferent Xiao Yan, shook his head and turned to day level test room to go, seeing this, Xiao Yan’d never have any hesitation, followed him, and then they slowly disappeared crossing in the room that round after round into the eyes. Although
Huiyi old woman,cheap jordans for sale, who completed the assessment, but did not leave immediately, but is currently exposed satirical look at leaf weight, overcast sound strange smiles.
‘Jie Jie,cheap jordan shoes, I’d want to stay and see, will be the test, but when that kid,jordan shoes for sale, mouth against the will is so tricky? leaf weight, today, it seems you have to face once more lose it!’
continue seeking monthly,jordan shoes for sale, followed by a chase too fierce! Wu continued,!1110th chapter lesson
for sarcastic laughter Huiyi old woman, also appeared on the leaf face heavy hint of sneer, for Xiao Yan’s ability, he is naturally most clearly, he did it would be looking to see if this old woman after Xiao Yan passed the test, and that his face will be how funny and ridiculous.
room at the moment, the rest of the people did not leave, it seems they are holding Huiyi old woman with the same attitude, want to stay to see the bluster boy leaves home, exactly what capability,cheap jordans for sale, Habitat Tiao – and so arrogant that dare to speak out. ‘
white woman plump arms across his chest, slightly feminine cheeks wet with a faint sneer, until now, she still believes that the boy leaves home, certainly just put a calm it.
while the crowd mentality that hold spectacular, it is gradually quiet room a lot, a road look, are all brought together in that closed door at the day level, waiting

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