Paradise Island II For Sale

Author: michael / Category: Bohol, Talibon

Paradise Island II


The total area of the island is 100 hectares. DENR declared 65 hectares alienable and disposable. But only 53 hectares more or less with Tax Declarations. You buy the 53 hectares at P500/sq mt. and you own the right to develop the remaining 12 hectares, declared alienable and disposable and the right to develop the whole island. Of the 53 hectares, 48hectares of which is a productive fishpond (Bangus & Prawns). The remaining 4 hectares is a land area with coconuts and bamboos, used as pasture land for cows. The excess of 65 hectares is a timber land and is declared protected area by DENR. There is a light house in the island since all big sea vessels passes through the island going to Cebu. The ship is about 75 to 100 m distance from the shoreline of the island. The island is about 1 nautical mile from the shoreline of the mainland. The island can be used as resort with a 1 kilometer white sand ready now available for beach and can be developed as Gulf Course if you reclaim the fishpond area which is very shallow. The whole fishpond area can be dried up anytime the new owner wishes to develop for another purpose. Portion of the fishpond area has white sand front. There are cultured seaweeds surrounding the island for export purposes. The island is also conducive for a retirement village. The island has a source of potable water. The island is only 20 minutes travel by pump boat from the Port of Talibon, and 45 minutes ride of a fast craft from Cebu. Read more…